The Wedding Party

We would like to dedicate this page to all the wonderful people in our wedding party. We are so grateful to have you in our wedding, Thank you!!

Mary Nguyen (Maid of honor)
Nancy’s younger and only sister. I have always wanted my sister to be my maid of honor because we grew up so close, considering she is only a year younger than me. I’ve always admired how intelligent and creative she is. I am so grateful to have such a beautiful sister to be able to do girly things with while growing up. We love going to chick flicks together and we love to splurge on the same treats, like pumpkin cheesecake from the cheesecake factory, yum. Mary inspires me to be a good older sister and she will always be the best sister ever in my life. Thank you so much Mary for being in our wedding!

Kevin Oie (Best Man)
Kevin, clearly, likes to lift things up (and put them down). Kevin and Aaron met at a friends bachelor party years ago and, along with Mikey, quickly became friends. Recently Kevin got Aaron into CrossFit (hence the deadlift) and the workout mentality associated with it. Other than the obligatory discussions about lifting heavy things, Kevin and Aaron like to get together, talk about recent culinary triumphs, play arcade games, listen to and watch loud things, and drink Surly.
Stephanie Spring (Bridesmaid)
Nancy has known Steph since the 6th grade. We remained close throughout the years and she has become one of my dearest friends. I remember rolling down the hill in one of her dance costumes on her birthday when we were in our tweens and we had so much fun. I used to always be so jealous on how perfect Steph’s bangs were in middle school and I could never get my bangs like hers. We have so many great memories together and I am so happy to still be close friends with Steph throughout all these years. She has such a caring and fun personality and has always helped me feel grounded in life. Thank you so much Steph for being a part of our wedding!
Michael Boldt (Groomsman) (far left)
Mikey and AC (Aaron to the uninitiated) first met in middle school playing baseball. They became friends in high school gym class where shenanigans were the norm. Eventually Aaron followed Mikey to St. John’s where he became an honorary student (none of the classes, all of the fun) and Mikey later returned the favor by coming to the University of Minnesota where they worked on their Master’s Degrees. After working for a short while together at Symantec Mikey and AC continue to hang out over a late night, kids-in-bed happy hour or other events with the Johnnies.
Margaret Stewart (Bridesmaid)
Friend of the groom and bride, Margaret is a dear friend and one of Kaya’s favorite people. Aaron met Margaret when they were neighbors at his old apartment in Roseville. When Nancy and Aaron started dating, Margaret was one of the first of Aaron’s friends to meet Nancy (with whom both met with each other’s instant approval). Since then the three get together to enjoy a nice glass of Tempranillo and discuss everyone’s favorite topic: Kaya!
Zac Christensen (Groomsman)
Zac is Aaron’s youngest brother. He’s growing up in Aaron’s shoes with a burgeoning love of craft brews. One of Aaron’s fondest memories of growing up with Zac was when they were driving together one day and Zac told Aaron, “You’re old”. Now, 26 might be be old, but probably only if you’re 8 years younger 🙂 Another favorite memory involves a dog who had to be let out, a newspaper, and some serious mulishness. Glad to have you in the wedding Zac!
Amy Delorme (Bridesmaid)
Nancy met Amy in Boston working at Children’s Hospital together. I am so appreciative of Amy. She helped me survive Boston and Pharmacy school and I honestly would not be where I am if it wasn’t for Amy. She has the biggest and caring hearts in the world! Amy is a friend that lifts peoples spirits and is one of the most supportive people I know. Although we now live in different states, I really miss watching our cheesy WB shows together. We love our chick flicks and always had a box of kleenex nearby whether we were tearing up from a show or just laughing at each other for crying LOL. We had such great times together. Thank you so much Amy for being a part of our wedding!
Jacob Christensen (Groomsman)
Jake is Aaron’s younger brother. He shares Aaron’s love of video games; when Aaron moved out, Jake became King of the Playstation (sorry Zac). He did also have to take over being the “tech guy” (great work!). Jake has a great and quirky sense of humor. Just ask him. One of Aaron’s fondest memories of growing up with Jake involves… ah come on, you were so frustrating… you “stole” or broke my stuff, were always in my business, but we had fun sledding, playing stupid games (before the SEGA, even), and just coming up with dumb games! Oh, another memory of Jake involved a dog ready to go outside, a newspaper, and some serious bro-to-bro-to-bro time.
Elizabeth Schellschmidt (Bridesmaid)
Nancy met Beth freshman year of college at The University of Minnesota. We were roomies for a couple years until she moved back to Nevada. One of my favorite memories were when we made Kim Bop sushi, I couldn’t stop eating them, yum! We still keep in touch and she is like a sister to me. Although we don’t see each other often, it is like the good ‘ol days whenever we do get together. Beth has one of the most kindest and loving hearts I know and I absolutely admire that about her. She is so creative and thoughtful and I am so glad we remained friends after all these years. Thank you so much Beth for being a part of our wedding!
Johnny Nguyen (Groomsman)
Nancy’s younger and only brother is only 2 years younger. I am so glad that I had a brother to grow up with. If it wasn’t for Johnny, I wouldn’t have a clue how to play video games like playing Nintendo, Contra, Streetfighter 2, and Sega games. We always challenged each other growing up. But being the older sister meant I had to be the responsible one. I remember we used to have stairs competition seeing who can “jump the most stairs” at our old house in Texas. Of course he fell really hard and I got in trouble since I am the oldest ;-). Johnny still challenges me to this day like any brother and sister would, but I am so happy to have such a charming brother in my life. Thank you so much Johnny for being in our wedding!
Julianna Kula (Bridesmaid)
Nancy met Juli on the first day of pharmacy school in Boston. I remember we were waiting in a long line at school and we were like “wow your from the midwest too!” Juli is the type of friend that will be there for you in a heartbeat. She understood me as a person right away and I love that about her. She takes the time to really listen and is so honest in her advice as a friend. I remember when we first went to Copley square and the Prudential mall together and we were so amazed with the “high end” stores:-). Then we strolled on Newbury street and realized it was only the beginning with our shopping adventures and memories. Although Juli now resides in San Fransisco, we still keep in touch, except now its more wine shopping;-) Thank you so much Juli for being in our wedding!
James Nguyen (Groomsman)
Nancy’s older cousin Jim. Jimbo! If I were to describe Jim in one word, that would be Witty. We have become closer as we have gotten older. I love that Jim has such an amazing big heart and love for family and thats one of the best qualities about him. He is quite the world traveler now a days and it is so great to see him whenever he is in town. Usually FOOD is involved whenever we do see him and we never leave with an empty stomach. I’m thinking Dim Sum sounds so good right now as I write this…;-). Thank you so much Jim for being in our wedding!
Shayna Forster (Bridesmaid)
Nancy and Shayna met through working at Walgreens together. We have kept in touch even though we work at different sites now. Shayna is one of the sweetest people in my life. I got to know her through work but have gotten to become closer friends outside of work. I love Shayna’s personality and she always knows how to make me smile. She is so real and down to earth that being around Shayna really makes me feel like I have a friendship of a lifetime, no matter where we go in the world. Thank you so much Shayna for being in our wedding!
Matt+Aaron Matt Wagner (Groomsman)
Matt is Aaron’s older cousin from Michigan. When they were younger, Aaron’s parents would schlep the family from Minnesota out to Michigan for Bar Mitzvahs (and vice versa). Despite the distance, Aaron felt very close with his cousins in Michigan (let’s do a shout out to Josh, Jordan, Adam, Benji, and Noah while we’re here!). In recent years, Aaron has met up with Matt and his fiance Katie for some Disc Golf camping, and Matt met Nancy when they went camping in the Wisconsin Dells. More recently, Matt and Katie have graciously shared their couch with Nancy and Aaron when they’ve driven into Michigan. Thanks guys! We love you.
Madalene Cordell (Bridesmaid)
Nancy met Madalene through her friend Cory Cordell. She is one of the most genuine people in my life. There is no doubt that every time we see each other, we always have such a great time and she makes me happy. She is such an inspirational person and just her smile gives it away. I think the second time I met Madalene was when she just had little Jackson and I visited her at the hospital. Kinda weird to be hanging out with a person you just met at the hospital right? With Madalene, it was an instant warmth and welcome and I have always felt comfortable around her from the start. She is an amazing woman with such a loving heart. Thank you so much Madalene for being in our wedding!!
Tony Luciano (Groomsman) (Far right)
Nancy’s half cousin is half brothers with Nancy’s cousins Jim and Joe. I practically grew up with Tony since I moved to Minnesota when I was 8. Tony is only a few months younger than me but he has always been like a brother. I would say Tony is the only prompt one in the family, but eventually he got the Nguyen family time down 😉 It is so great talking to Tony whenever we get together with the family. He has such a genuine heart and soul. Thank you so much Tony for being in our wedding!
Julie Morris (Bridesmaid)
Nancy met Julie through mutual friends. One of the sweetest hearts a friend could ask for, Julie has become one of my close girlfriends here in Minnesota, literally too, she only lives like 5 minutes away! 😉 Julie is super outgoing and very active. We have had so much fun together doing activities such as running, skiing and even trampolining! She is such a supportive friend to all the people in her life. I am so grateful for Julie as a friend and we thank you so much for being a part of our wedding!
Nancy and Julie
Bryon Seppamaki (Groomsman)
Nancy’s friend since the 5th grade. Bryon has definitely seen me grow throughout the years, literally and metaphorically;-) Ironically we became closer friends when I was away in Boston. He has a sense of humor and quality about him that I love in a friend. We have definitely been through our fair share of adventures and experiences within our friendship. A fond memory I have of Bryon was when we handed out hot chocolate to all the people waiting in line for black friday in the middle of the night. We had so much fun and we love helping people together. Bryon is one of my best friends and we thank you so much for being in our wedding!
Kimberley Smart (Bridesmaid)
Nancy met Kimmy through the mutual friends almost 10 years ago. We instantly clicked and became close friends. When it came to girl talk and the latest fashion, Kimmy was the one I would go to. We always had so much fun and could talk all night. She always makes me laugh and takes the time to work with me no matter what moods were in. Although Kimmy now lives in Florida, we still keep in touch and I always look forward to seeing her whenever she comes into town. She makes me feel and look beautiful! Thank you Kimmy for being in our wedding!
AC & Donavon Donavon Skistad (Groomsman)
Nancy met Donovan through mutual friends. He has become one of my closest best friends. One of our first bonding experiences was probably when we “grind” danced and it was hilarious! We could talk on the phone for ages and it would never get old. He truly is so enjoyable to talk to. Donovan really is one of the most understanding, best listener and supportive people I know. He is such a quality guy and we are so happy he is in our lives. Thank you so much Donavon for being in our wedding!
Michael Wacker (Usher)
Long live great beer, extreme workouts, obscure references, and mathematical modeling. Wacker is a couple’s dualfecta (yep, probably made that word up). Nancy knows Mike from high school days. AC knows Wacker due to an honorary education from St. John’s, great beer, HMM, and cat-poop coffee (thanks Mikey!). Also, if you ever play sing-that-song-music-trivia, Wacker is your man.
joe Joe Ruesewald (Usher)
Meet Joe. Foodie (clearly), connoisseur of fine hat wear (undeniably), and just plain adorable (how could one resist that face!). Joe and Aaron got to be good friends during a high school trip to Israel, bonding (gold?) over their Oooooo’s, being only two of three students from Minnesota. Afterwards, they stayed in touch in spite of college and Joe’s crazy trips across the country, landing him currently in Chicago with his awesome wife Sara. Can’t wait to have you guys here for our wedding!
Kyle Kissinger (Usher)
Kyle is part of the Pascal Legacy. Aaron and Kyle met over delicious chicken wings at B-Dubs. Or… tall beers. Can’t remember. Aside from some of Kyle’s other excellent attributes, he also has a complete copy of IMDB in his head, is pretty good at music trivia (more-or-less), and somehow has mastered pop culture trivia. Look for Kyle to help escort you to your seat, and just try to stump him!
Nancy, Kyle, and AC
Staci Robbins (Personal Attendant)

Suzanne Shuford (Personal Attendant)

Nancy + Suzi

Nancy met Staci and Suzi at work. These girls are my superstars! They practically see me everyday and know how I operate on a daily basis;-). Staci moved back to WI and we miss our MVP a lot. Suzi has been amazing in helping out in my wedding plans (she even has a pinterest page just for my wedding;-). I am so blessed to have met these girls and am so happy to have them in my wedding. Thank you so much Staci and Suzi!!