N + A

How we became Nancy and Aaron:

We became re-acquainted at our friends Mike and Steph’s wedding in the summer of 2010. We originally met through our friends who attended St. John’s University back in 2000 and we actually lived in nearby dorm halls at the University of Minnesota and never knew until we ran into each other on campus by the computer science building. Aaron had dreadlocks during that time, therefore when Nancy met Aaron a couple years ago with a shaved head, she had no idea who he was! So while she was looking at him trying to remember who he was at the re-acquaintance, he thought she was checking him out! We ended up talking a lot that night (if you know us, you know we both love to talk). We went on our first date on Aaron’s birthday and a couple years later, Aaron proposed to Nancy on her birthday! It was also Passover and both sides of the family were there to witness the engagement.